Contract Killer

Adrenalin, passion, commitment and determination. Step into the world of the fighter and your taking a walk with CK brand. For the past 5 years we have been dedicated to making the very best equipment to help top athletes push their limits and reach their goal.
With CK representing the FIght Life, it was only natural to evolve the clothing line into many other industries.

We are progression, we are not the same. we are not to live like most, but made to live the fight life.

New fight shorts, casual shirts and performance Gi's this fall are always art influenced with a strong fashion side.

Supported by the most aggressive athletes in the world, CK is dedicated to learning from its fighters and is committed to designing custom fits, function, style and fashion trends to meet the needs of todays jiu-jitsu practitioner, grappler and pugilist and baller while keeping true to its fight-life roots.