Sprawl Gi-Flex Pants in stock now!

The world’s first MMA inspired gi pant!
No more toiling with that antiquated draw string design which always seems to come untied and gets tangled. No more shifting from side to side or loosening during training. SPRAWL has once again raised the bar with our MMA inspired gi pant—the Gi-Flex!

The same engineering and innovation that has driven our fight short designs since 2002 has inspired the new SPRAWL Gi-Flex gi pants. The Gi-Flex has all the best features we introduced to the MMA world in our short designs including: a real adjustable waistband system with a drawstring, fly and Velcro closures which provides unparalleled fit and comfort. We have also integrated our Channel Lock inner waistband providing stability in the most demanding training and competition situations. We incorporated a Flex Panel in the crotch area which increases the range of motion, and have lined the front of the pants with a sport mesh material to keep them from sticking to your legs when you sweat.

SPRAWL Gi-Flex 2 Gi Pant - Black/White

SPRAWL Gi-Flex 2 Gi Pant - White/Black