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Relocation PROMOs

VENUM about 25% OFF:

MMA shorts: S$72, UP S$98
Muay Thai shorts: S$62, UP S$75
T-shirts: S$40, UP S$45-60
MMA Gloves - Undisputed: S$82, UP S$110
MMA Gloves - Attack & Impact: S$72, UP S$90
MMA Gloves - Challenger: S$62, UP S$85
Backpack Challenger Pro: S$70, UP S$90
Backpack Challenger Extreme: S$120, UP S$160
Trainer Lite Duffel Bag: S$88, UP S$110
Origins Red Devil Tote Bag: S$88, UP S$110

Twins regular boxing gloves: S$82 flat, all sizes. Fancy boxing gloves: S$92.

Fairtex : stay tuned!

We are expanding

We are expanding!!!!! We are opening a new store at 71 Bussorah Street, only 2 minutes away from our current location on Haji Lane - Arab st area, closest MRT is still Bugis.

It will be operational from 2nd of August.

Scape and Haji stores will be also relocated to the new location. Last day of operation for Scape is today 29th July, for Haji is 1st of August.

Weekly Sale! Bad Boy MMA Gloves Pro Series

Weekly Sale! Bad Boy MMA Gloves Pro Series. 30% OFF at both stores. From today till 30th January inclusive. Click here more more info:

Weekly Sale!

Weekly Sale! TapouT Elite Striking/Training Gloves. 30% OFF exclusively at Haji Lane store. From 18th till 25th January inclusive. Click here more more info:

Affliction is in! 'nuff said!

Affliction tees exclusively available at MMA Shop Singapore @ Haji Lane store. All 100% original and authentic!!! Get them all here: Affliction tees.

Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite™ 2.0 series in stock NOW!

Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite™ 2.0 series

For the fighter who demands perfection at all costs and will stand for nothing less, Hayabusa proudly introduces the Kanpeki Elite™ series, version 2.0!

One look says it all; unrivaled performance, master craftsmanship, and immaculate quality. Hayabusa can proudly claim that with the Kanpeki Elite series, a new pinnacle in professional caliber combat equipment has come about. One that may never be surpassed!

The Kanpeki Elite series represents a true unrivaled fusion of old world tradition and new world scientific discovery. Witness the exquisite full grain premium leather that adorns each hand-designed and artisan-crafted element of this elite combat equipment line. From the look, touch, and even smell…no other line of combat equipment captures the overtones of battle equipment that harkens to days gone by, the way only Kanpeki can.

Yet the traditional look and feel is but a veneer for the underlying scientifically conceived and tested design. Down to the finest engineering details, nothing has been left to chance. Consider the revolutionary technological innovations that together, create the Kanpeki Elite experience. The look is one of tradition, but the equipment is molded to provide unparalleled functionality, durability, and performance.

When the greatest fighters reach the highest peaks, they demand the greatest line of combat equipment. It’s for these men and women that Hayabusa has created Kanpeki Elite. Welcome to the summit!

Here they are:

The New SPRAWL Fusion 2

The New SPRAWL Fusion 2 now in stock!

Improving On Our Legendary Performance!

Our latest evolution is another step forward in design and performance. With a new distinctive look, the Fusion 2 delivers unmatched durability and features.

A wider waistband for increased comfort and stability.
A repositioned side slit to reduce ride up when working from the guard.
Heavier construction for a new standard of durability.

In Singapore exclusively at the MMA Shop Singapore!

TapouT Backpacks, Gym Bags and Sacks available now!

TapouT Backpacks, Gym Bags and Sacks available now! Exclusively at MMA Shop Singapore and at both stores: Haji and Scape.

Hayabusa Tokushu Series Gloves

The all new Hayabusa Tokushu Series Gloves

University research proves these gloves are the best on the market. Only the tokushu™ series gloves contain the state of the art Deltra EG™ inner core, shown to display the highest level of glove impact characteristics for maximum performance and protection. The tokushu's patented Dual-X™ closure system and Fusion Splinting™ are sophisticated designs that ensure perfect hand/wrist alignment, maximizing striking power and injury prevention. Vylar™ is a new cutting edge engineered leather that was proven to display ultra high performance scientifically proven in University research to be superior to other tested materials. The tokushu’s specialized Ecta™ carbonized bamboo lining deliver a comfort and quality that you only get with Hayabusa. Put your trust in Hayabusa’s tokushu™ series -the only combat equipment proven by science.

Deltra EG™

In the multi-million dollar research laboratory of a leading University, Hayabusa's exclusive Deltra EG™ inner core was characterized and compared to other gloves. Using a state of the art force transducer striking device, researchers were able to develop cutting edge testing methodology that characterized materials and cores with laser like accuracy. The glove materials and configurations where subjected to thousands upon thousands of repeated impact cycles. The breakthrough results from the hardline data were undeniable. The new Deltra EG™ inner core of Hayabusa's tokushu series outperformed all others! The data revealed that this new core composite flawlessly manipulates impact energy, providing superior striking characteristics and protection. Deltra EG™ does not bottom out or degrade, and recovers from strikes instantly, so you are always protected.

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