Hayabusa Flip Flops

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Hayabusa Flip Flops

Hayabusa Flip Flops

The Hayabusa Flip Flops are an essential part of any gear bag. You wear a rashguard to protect you, but what about your feet in the shower? The Hayabusa Flip Flops are made from 100% premium EVA, with a rubber thong, and can be used in the shower. They are functional, durable and look great. The Hayabusa logo on the insole sets these apart and shows everyone you are dedicated to wearing the best.


Rubber thong is durable, yet flexible
Made from 100% premium EVA
Triple layered sole; soft, flexible and contours to the foot
Can be worn in the shower
Dry quickly without retaining moisture

Sizes US 8-13

Price: S$30.00