AccessoriesTraining aids.
100 SGD gift voucher100 SGD gift voucherS$99.00TapouT Digi Tech BackpackTapouT Digi Tech BackpackS$60.00TapouT Utility Bag (Blk/Gry)TapouT Utility Bag (Blk/Gry)S$95.00
TapouT Utility Bag (Blk/Red)TapouT Utility Bag (Blk/Red)S$95.00Hayabusa Burst Flip FlopsHayabusa Burst Flip FlopsS$30.00Hayabusa Fade Flip FlopsHayabusa Fade Flip FlopsS$30.00
Hayabusa Flip FlopsHayabusa Flip FlopsS$30.00Hayabusa Tatame Inspired SandalsHayabusa Tatame Inspired SandalsS$30.00TapouT All Star Snapback Hat (Black/Red)TapouT All Star Snapback Hat (Black/Red)S$50.00
TapouT All Star Snapback Hat (White/Black)TapouT All Star Snapback Hat (White/Black)S$50.00TapouT Sideways 4.0 Hat (Black/Red)TapouT Sideways 4.0 Hat (Black/Red)S$50.00TapouT Throwback Hat (Black)TapouT Throwback Hat (Black)S$50.00
Jaco Tenacity FlexFit Cap (Black/White)Jaco  Tenacity FlexFit Cap (Black/White)S$40.00Jaco Tenacity FlexFit Cap (Black/SugaFly Yellow)Jaco Tenacity FlexFit Cap (Black/SugaFly Yellow)S$40.00TapouT Blues Backpack (Black/Blue)TapouT Blues Backpack (Black/Blue)S$60.00
TapouT Blues Gym Bag (Black/Blue)TapouT Blues Gym Bag (Black/Blue)S$80.00TapouT In Ya Face Sack (Black/Blue)TapouT In Ya Face Sack (Black/Blue)S$30.00TapouT In Ya Face Sack (Black/Green)TapouT In Ya Face Sack (Black/Green)S$30.00
TapouT In Ya Face Sack (Black/Red)TapouT In Ya Face Sack (Black/Red)S$30.00TapouT In Ya Face Sack (Black/White)TapouT In Ya Face Sack (Black/White)S$30.00TapouT Stitch Dufflebag (White/Black)TapouT Stitch Dufflebag (White/Black)S$80.00
Jaco Convertible Equipment BagJaco Convertible Equipment BagS$199.00Defense Soap BarDefense Soap BarS$10.00Defense Soap Healing Salve (1 oz)Defense Soap Healing Salve (1 oz)S$29.00
Defense Soap Pure Essentials Oil (1 oz)Defense Soap Pure Essentials Oil (1 oz)S$27.00Defense Soap Shower GelDefense Soap Shower GelS$15.00Hayabusa Convertible Backpack/Duffel BagHayabusa Convertible Backpack/Duffel BagS$160.00
TapouT All Sport Snapback Hat (WHITE)TapouT All Sport Snapback Hat (WHITE)S$35.00TapouT BackpackTapouT BackpackS$60.00TapouT Dirt Hat (CHARCOAL)TapouT Dirt Hat (CHARCOAL)S$50.00
TapouT Dirt Hat (RED)TapouT Dirt Hat (RED)S$50.00Hayabusa HAYA-BUSA Hat - BlackHayabusa HAYA-BUSA Hat - BlackS$40.00Hayabusa HAYA-BUSA Hat - BlueHayabusa HAYA-BUSA Hat - BlueS$40.00
Hayabusa HAYA-BUSA Hat - GreenHayabusa HAYA-BUSA Hat - GreenS$40.00Hayabusa HAYA-BUSA Hat - RedHayabusa HAYA-BUSA Hat - RedS$40.00Hayabusa HAYA-BUSA Hat - WhiteHayabusa HAYA-BUSA Hat - WhiteS$40.00
Hayabusa Logo Hat - BlackHayabusa Logo Hat - BlackS$40.00Hayabusa Logo Hat - RedHayabusa Logo Hat - RedS$40.00Hayabusa Logo Hat - WhiteHayabusa Logo Hat - WhiteS$40.00
Hayabusa Team H Hat - BlackHayabusa Team H Hat - BlackS$40.00Hayabusa Team H Hat - WhiteHayabusa Team H Hat - WhiteS$40.00Vulkan Black Jiu-Jitsu Gi BackpackVulkan Black Jiu-Jitsu Gi BackpackS$80.00
Vulkan White and Black Jiu-Jitsu Gi BagVulkan White and Black Jiu-Jitsu Gi BagS$35.00Training Mask 2.0 Black Resistance ValvesTraining Mask 2.0 Black Resistance ValvesS$29.00Training Mask 2.0 Dark InVader SleeveTraining Mask 2.0 Dark InVader SleeveS$45.00
Training Mask 2.0 Desert Camo SleeveTraining Mask 2.0 Desert Camo SleeveS$45.00Training Mask 2.0 Digi Camo SleeveTraining Mask 2.0 Digi Camo SleeveS$45.00Training Mask 2.0 INSANE SleeveTraining Mask 2.0 INSANE SleeveS$45.00
Training Mask 2.0 Jokester SleeveTraining Mask 2.0 Jokester SleeveS$45.00Training Mask 2.0 Jungle Camo SleeveTraining Mask 2.0 Jungle Camo SleeveS$45.00Training Mask 2.0 Matrix SleeveTraining Mask 2.0 Matrix SleeveS$45.00
Training Mask 2.0 Skull SleeveTraining Mask 2.0 Skull SleeveS$45.00Training Mask 2.0 Snow Camo SleeveTraining Mask 2.0 Snow Camo SleeveS$45.00Training Mask 2.0 Sun Burst SleeveTraining Mask 2.0 Sun Burst SleeveS$45.00
Training Mask CleanerTraining Mask CleanerS$21.00Venum Ankle Support GuardVenum Ankle Support GuardS$30.00Venum Gel Kontact Glove WrapsVenum Gel Kontact Glove WrapsS$40.00
Hayabusa Mesh Gear BagHayabusa Mesh Gear BagS$98.00Bad Boy Gi Patch KitBad Boy Gi Patch KitS$45.00Ashi MMA Foot Grips - HayabusaAshi MMA Foot Grips - HayabusaS$50.00