Fight Dentist

The Fight Dentists

The Fightdentists are a husband and wife dental team with over 20 years of knowledge and dental experience, having worked in Canada and the United States. Dr. Silva Battaglin and Dr. Adam Persky are both graduates from Boston University Dental School and have gained world recognition infiltrating the world of mouth guards. Their boil and bite mouth guard rivals most traditional EVA guards and have been fabricated for athletes of all ages and sports, both amateur and professional. Their Fight Shop & Dental Practice which is based in Las Vegas allows them to be involved in the world of Combat Sports on a daily basis. Their guards are used by more fighters worldwide than any other brands. Fightdentist™ can be seen on TV's series "The Ultimate Fighter", UFC Televised Fights and is the most worn custom mouth guard of the UFC and Strikeforce making Fightdentist™ the most trusted mouth guard brand in contact sports.